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Our single largest farming, affable and highly hospitable Badaga community still wields a massive influence on the culture and traditions of the beautiful hill district of the Nilgiris. With passage of time we globalised our outlook towards education and commerce. This transformational change urged our younger generation to constantly move around in search of job, education and social needs, even while on move our high emphasis on maintaining and careful nurturing of our cultural values and thoughts has helped retain our ancestral core values in its pristine form.

The Hyderabad Badagas Association is a humble reminiscence of our hospitality and brother wood, A non- Profit Organization founded in 2012 by collective efforts of brothers and sisters of the badaga community, settled in and around Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Region, with a common interest in serving our community, providing help and support to every community member who stumbles into this unknown region, Over the years we have grown in numbers and reach ability extending support , in field of education, employment, Health, women empowerment, and social activities whichhelp imbibe our social values in children who are away from our blessed land.



Replicating Hatti's services, resources and support for members in need. Propagate and foster badaga culture and enrich its values. Organize programs for women to help them integrate in to the multi culture society. Celebrating our tradition with HABBA (festivals) ,building home away from home. Lending a helping hand to our community people, in fields of Health, Education and Employment. Spreading oneness through social, welfare and advisory service to the members.


  • -Forming sub committees for health, Education, Employment and Entertainment, under guidance of industry experts.
  • -Hold regular hatti panchayat to discuss and build strategy to improve reach ability
  • -Conduct regular get together to enrich cultural values.
  • -Update hatti brothers back home about education, Health &employment through Television and social media.

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Plt No 58/B,
Jayalakshmi Nagar, Beeramguda, Patancheru
MedakDist, Telangana
e-Mail: info@hba.org.in
web site: www.hba.org.in



  • Mr Subramanian
  • Mr Mohankumar
  • Mr Chandran
  • Mrs Nagamani


  • Mr Bheeman


  • Mr Rajkumar
  • Mr Selvaraj

General Secretary

  • Mr Subban


  • Mr Basavalingam

Joint Secretaries

  • Mr Ananthan
  • Mr Anandaraj


  • Mr Babu
  • Mr Balamurali
  • Mr GokulSugumaran

Executive Members

  • Mr Sethuraman
  • Mr Karthick
  • Mr Sasikumar
  • Mr Senthil
  • Mr Ganapathy
  • Mr Sridhar Chetty


About Us


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